Saturday, November 9, 2013

humidifiers for children

Especially if you have kids at home, a humidifier is an appliance that can help us a lot . It is a machine that helps maintain adequate moisture in the house with a humidifier , we can prevent many diseases , both parents and children.

The humidifier in many households has become imperative . It is a small device that can be found in stores for children or household goods stores , which has a device that regulates the humidity level in the home. It is especially useful during infancy of children , and that prevents them from colds, dry skin, mucus , and other health problems .

Home moisture

Experts recommend that the humidity levels in the home should be between 45 and 65 %, especially in the children's room . If the humidity is lower, we recommend using a humidifier. Today, with home heating , it is difficult to lower that figure.

Especially in winter , the humidifier can be very handy at home to fight colds , colds , sore throat and other respiratory diseases of children. However, if the child is sick , we must make sure to buy the right humidifier for home , when in doubt, it is better to ask the family doctor.

Types of humidifiers for home

Ultrasonic humidifier : creating water vapor mist through ultrasound. They are more effective for better reach the child's airway . Do not use hot water , so anyone in the family can burn .

Ultrasonic humidifiers ionizer : same as above, but with a system that fights ionizer particles that pollute the air that your child breathes .

Hot Spray : appliances that emit heat water and water vapor. They are cheaper and practical , but be alert and not to place it somewhere where the child can burn.